Windows Blows Data Caps and Gives Some Consumers Huge Bills

Did you know that Windows Updates can be installed in offline mode and be completely disabled?

We download updates for all the different versions of Windows daily and install it at a fraction of the cost on your device. We have contracts available that include maintenance, updates, optimisation and anti-virus protection.

To add insult to injury, the last download for Windows upgrade version (or service pack) stretched consumers’ bandwidth usage due to its 3GB size. Considering that downloads might get corrupted or interrupted some may well find that their cap will be exceeded in one day. Customers that are on capped data packages will most likely lose all their data and not even get these updates installed.

Those that are on capped accounts and can surf out of bundle may be in for a huge shock as the out of bundle rates are much higher. A mere 3GB out of bundle can cost as much as R6000 at R2 per megabyte!

Save money & time straight away! Don't get caught with outrageous bills & a slow network. Act NOW!


Please keep in mind that certain tweaks need to be performed the first time we set this up in order to prevent Windows from updating itself. There is a once-off R50 fee for first time users.

*** Updates exclude upgrading Windows versions


We come to you and or login remotely. Please follow this link to see the various maintenance packages starting from R50 per month, including award winning anti-virus and system optimisation

You Visit:

We install, you drink some refreshments while you wait


We send you a DVD with the updates and instructions to you


No call-out fee when a mobile workshop is nearby